About us

We are an association of dedicated people from different constructs of our society, but with the same goal to strengthen antifascism. We want to show that there are misanthropic circumstances in today's situation. People who dare to rebel against right-wing extremes are criminalized and punished.

With concern we also detect political right extremist development in Switzerland.

Growth and the dissemination of right-wing extremism or ideology, and not of individual people but increasingly of political parties, may not be anchored in our society. They believe that notall people are equal. This opinion is discriminatory to humans.

We strive for an open, tolerant society in which it is also allowed to go to the street,to freely express oneself and draw attention to abuses. In such a society, repression has no place. This also includes the dubious court proceedings as well as the resulting high criminal penalties in the court processes in Basel, which we question.

A heterogeneous group of people moved to the Basel city center on 24.11.2018 to prevent a deployment of the right-wing extremists PNOS (party nationally oriented Swiss). The neo-Nazis were blocked by approximately 2000 participants of the "Basel Nazifrei" demo and pushed to the edge of their gathering place. It was a great success against the racist and anti-Semitic PNOS and their followers.

This act of civil courage has now fatal consequences: a few demonstrators were criminalized later. There were house searches and high charges by the Basel Prosecuting Authorities.In the currently running processes in Basel, terrifying prison terms, fines and court costs have already been distributed. Many processes are still pending.

So the idea arose to launch the 500k campaign. The fact that humans are criminalized because they dared to be part in a demonstration in the context of "Basel Nazifrei", to stand in the way of right-wing extremists,indicates high civil courage.

That these people who went to the street for all others that despise such Right Wing people, can be criminally charged,we do not want to accept. With this campaign, we support these people financially with their trials,because for many defendants, the procedural costs mean a threat to their existence.

Let those persons not alone, that went to Basel on 24.11.18 to block right-wing extremists on the street! Any donations mean a huge solidarity in the current situation.

How much is civil courage worth to you personally ?

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