What exactly happened at the «Basel Nazifrei» demo?

What exactly happened at the «Basel Nazifrei» demonstration?

The PNOS (Party Nationally-Oriented Swiss) announced for November 24, 2018, that they would gather in the middle of the city of Basel for a political rally. The PNOS is not a conventional political party, but a pool for Neo-Nazis and right-wing radicals. Their goal was a meeting of «national radicals» to demonstrate against the UN migration pact in special and against migration in general.

At the same time, several thousand people gathered and  expressed in a powerful counter-mobilization with the motto «Basel Nazifrei» that this Nazi gathering with discriminating topics would not be given any room. Various people from different political orientations and from different age groups gathered together in the streets of Basel. Together they set strong signs on November 24, 2018 and showed the discriminatory policy of the PNOS and their company their disagreement. A large march of right-wing extremists was successfully prevented. This counter-mobilization was a great success, because it has been shown that it is possible to stop right extremists. Since this memorable day, there were no demonstration attempts anymore from the right-wing extremist side.

What happened on November 24, 2018?

Fenced off by massive police forces, and pushed to the edge of the square, just under 30 people from the PNOS and sympathizing right-wing extremists could hold their tiny rally. Definitely not like they had planned it!

As mentioned up to two thousand counter-demonstrators held their protest without official permission from legal authorities. Many people joined spontaneously, recognized the counter-protest in this situation as a matter of course and as necessary. It must not be that right-wing radicals gather in the Basel city center! On site, however, there was soon realized that the right-wing extremist assembly would be securely protected by the legal authorities. On this day, the police considered the legitimacy of a radical event with 30 people higher than a much larger, diverse collection of persons who demonstrated against right-wing extremism.

Disproportionate legal prosecution

The nasty surprise followed about 5 months later: Questionable and elaborate police officers tried to identify and prosecute as many counter-demonstrators as possible. Several house searches were carried out throughout Switzerland, several people in different cantons were picked up at home and brought to Basel. DNA samples were collected nationwide, and 20 people  were searched for by means of a public investigation - actually the Ultima ratio in a constitutional state, which should only be used in particularly serious cases. Renowned criminal law experts also expressed themselves critically about these measures and on the unlawfulness and disproportion. Unleashed prosecutors seem to want to criminalize as many people as possible who demonstrate and work against right-wing extremists. It is frightening that this procedure in Basel seems to be repeated and after the trials «Basel 18» already for the second time lump-sum convictions have been applied as a deterrent against left demonstrations. The names of the same prosecutors appear in both cases.
Meanwhile, numerous persons have been convicted by penalty order for «Basel Nazifrei»,  another approximately 40 people are waiting for their court trials. The main allegations are that the public ground has been used without permission - to prevent the demonstration of the PNOS including a right extremist crowd. The criminal complaints for breach of peace astonishment by the unusual severeness.

They also persecute persons who were only holding some transparent, solidary stood in the crowd, or filmed the events.

First sentences have already been spoken and in all cases caused prison sentences with a long probationary period and high fines.

They stood in the way of the Nazis - now they need you help

The high court fees and the previous legal costs are also imposed on the convicted by the verdict.  
If the verdict is impeached, these fees continue to increase. The impending penalties and financial consequences are massive, in some cases  they mean a direct risk to the basis of existence. If average cost of some thousand francs pro person is calculated for defense and procedures, it is evident that a few hundred thousand francs are coming together.

Let us now show that solidarity cohesion is possible!
Let the people not alone, that stood against right-wing extremism and expressed their attitude representing a clear majority of society. We support these persons financially and we contribute so that Nazi will not simply march through our cities in the future and are spreading their discriminating thoughts.

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