Collect CHF 500,000 and distribute it fairly

Why CHF500,000 ?

The total of40 defendants are charged with various offenses because of their participationin the counter-protests to the PNOS demonstration. As a rule, an amount of atleast CHF 10,000 must be expected, even if there is only a fine (legal fees,examination costs, court costs). It may be necessary at any time to refer the judgmentof the court to a higher instance. Since some defendants also have to fearlegal proceedings against foreigners, the costs increase. Of course, the numberis also symbolic, together we can achieve half a million. But it is byno means out of thin air and in view of the judgments made so far, it is stilltoo low.


How do those affected get their money?

Thoseaffected are asked to contact the email address


How is it decided who receives how much money?

A calculationbasis was created, on which all defendants receive something depending on theamount of the total donations collected. The distribution should be absolutelysolidary, so that everyone has to pay the same amount themselves. It doesn'tmatter if the penalty is 10 or 20k. This is comparable with the deductible withthe health insurance - we take over as much as we can for everyone (thanks toyour help). What cannot be taken over by, everyone pays for themselves.The amount that everyone has to pay themselves will be the same for everyone.We decided to do this in order to be able to decide as neutrally as possiblewho receives how much and to avoid any suspicion that some people gain anadvantage for themselves. In our opinion, this is an absolute must for such a large-scalecollection campaign to support moral courage.


I still do not understand. Can you give an example?

Of course.

Let's assume40 people are affected.

Let's assumethat we achieve the campaign target of CHF 500,000.

Let us alsoassume that the total of all costs (court costs, legal fees, etc.) for alldefendants amounts to CHF 600,000.

Thedifference between the costs and the collected money would be 600,000 - 500,000= CHF 100,000.

Thisdifference is now divided by the number of people affected, which results inthis example CHF 100,000: 40 people. = CHF 2500 per person. That would be theamount that all those affected would have to pay themselves, regardless oftheir sentence.


A person whowould have "only" costs of CHF 3000 would have to pay CHF 2500himself, the remaining CHF 500 would come from the campaign. A person who hadcosts of CHF 20,000 would also have to pay CHF 2,500 himself, the remaining CHF17,500 would come from the campaign.


Some are already being sentenced, but you don'teven know how much money you will ultimately collect. How do you deal with it?

That isindeed a difficult question, which is why we have predefined fixed points intime at which an extrapolation will be made based on the support received sofar as well as the costs already discussed by the court. This also takes intoaccount which defendants are in absolute financial distress and which paymentsto the courts cannot be postponed. We also support all of the accused byadvising them on financial issues. ‍


If you have any further questionsabout the distribution of donations, just contact

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