How to participate at 500k and implement your own ideas

We are a group of dedicated persons from different corners of society, that looks at the growing right-wing extremism and groups that disrespect human dignity and the doubtfully high penalties in Basel. To go to the streets is not a crime for an open and tolerant society to go to the streets is not a crime, but on the contrary it is honorable.

That's why we launched 500K. We designed posters and flyers that are stuck on walls and are distributed. We have made donation boxes that can be set up for solidary gifts in bars and shops. We have created a donation account to which Twint, SMS and bank transfer can be deposited. And last but not least we launched a solidarity beer.

You want to join in and help or even have your own ideas? Great, we are very grateful!

We are happy to help you:
At promoter-material you will find logos and posters that you can use.
Account details, Twint QR Code, SMS Text and the website can be specified anytime anywhere.
Write us your idea and send us photos so we can do advertising.

The following rules are important:
You have to do the pre-financing of the action yourself so as not to put any donations o be lost.
If money is collected in the name of 500K or name, logo etc., at least part of the revenue must be donated to 500K.
Information about how the money is used can be found online at collecting and distributing money.

We do not consider ourselves as judges of this campaign, rather as those who brought the project into motion. You do not have to ask us for permission to make your own 500K action. Just as little as you need permission to do something against the right.

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