Previous process judgments

Basel Nazi-Frei: Previous process judgments

The processes started on July 7, 2020. Since then, 1 to 3 people have to defend themselves each month in front of the criminal court in Basel. The trials usually take half a day, the verdicts follow in the afternoon or on the following morning. At the center of the indictment, participation in an unpermitted demo and breach of peace.

On these days, the defendants are largely facing imprisonment, so nothing less than their future.

But it's not just about dedicated individuals, which should be punished and disciplined through hard judgments. These processes are exemplified on individuals - but targeted are all who are active and self-determined against right-wing extremism. The message of the judiciary is clear: civil courage may only take place in Basel in permitted and officially "approved" manifestations.

«Passive violence and threat» - Door opener for arbitrary justice

For all those concerned, the charges "breach of peace" and "participation in unauthorized demonstration» are listed. These had the consequence in all previous trials that the defendants were sentenced guilty in one of these two points - because the Basel Nazi-Free demonstration was not permitted. What definitely does not say anything about its legitimacy! A guilt sentence, even if is only in this essential point, result in the fact, that costs for the trial are at the expense of the defendants. Exceptional is the charge "passive violence and threat", which does not support active violence, but suggests that the "violent and aggressive mood" is supported on the occasion due to mere presence an the manifestation. A totally mutable concept, which opens arbitrariness door and gate! In combination with "breach of peace", "passive violence and threat" is a unique constellation in the application and conviction and uses new standards in hardness against political activists.

For the sake of completeness, we also introduce the other charges, which occur in criminal contracts of the prosecutor's office and judgments of the court in changing constellations:

Violence and threat against authorities and officials, passive participation in multiple qualified violence and threat to officials, violation of the masking ban, simple / multiple attempted qualified injury, simple / multiple tried qualified personal injury with a dangerous object, violation ot weapons law, simple / multiple coercion.

But we have to emphasize that these points have to be read in relation: What actually happened in Basel on that day is not proportionate to the extent of the criminal charges and judgments. The Basel Justice system wants to place hard examples against dedicated anti-fascists. The power of the State and the threats of the judiciary appears politically motivated from A to Z. We oppose it and reaffirm:

The 24.11.2020 is to be considered as a success of the anti-fascist movement! Civil courage is valuable.

Summary of the "Basel Nazifrei" trials (German)

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