«Solidarity»: Solidarity beer to fight repression

The «Solidarity» Beer

As part of the 500K campaign, we launch a solidarity beer named "Solidarity". For every bottle that has been consumed, half a franc goes to the 500K campaign to pay for the defense and process costs.

For two years we support the 500K campaign with our Solidarity Beer. But solidarity will also be urgently needed afterwards. Therefore, it is the declared goal of our solidarity beer, that after these two years, other similar campaigns will be necessary, to support: Against repression - for freedom - to life!

Back to the present: We need CHF 500'000.-. For that, 1'000'000 bottles of "solidarity" have to be sold. That is 41'666.66 boxes or 1041.66 pallets of beer. To transport these, 57.86 fully loaded trucks or 2,31 with beer packed Gotthard base tunnel freight trains would be needed. Maybe we do not manage to drink 1'000'000 beers, but at least every beer should be a solidarity beer in the future!


«Solidarity» in your favorite restaurant?

The brand "Solidarity" has been given to the beer of Turbinenbräu. It is a bright and clear beer in a 33CL reusable bottle (0.30 deposit / bottle) with 24 bottles in a box (5. Deposit / Box).

In Zurich it is available at InterComestibles (intercomestibles.ch) and can be ordered (from 3 boxes or more) or can be bought (1 box). Single bottles or the handy 10-bottles box are available in the Intercomestibles shop at the Badenerstrasse 74.

The beer can be purchased from beverage merchants about a week in advance or in a quantity 20 boxes directly from Turbinenbräu. Ask your local beverage dealer for it. The solidarity amount of 50 Rp. per bottle is already included in the purchase price and is transferred directly to the 500K campaign. Thus, "solidarity" can be accomplished in as many places as possible.

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