Who wanted to demonstrate together with PNOS?

PNOS is aright-wing radical party that dreams of “federal socialism”. Ever sinceHolocaust denier Bernhard Schaub left the PNOS, they have tried to disguise their neo-Nazi ideas and have been moderately right-wing populist.
A look at the other organizations that marched in Basel on November 24th shows that this is just a tactic. The Kameradschaft Heimattreu (KHT) played a central role in this. Not for the first time, its members were part of the PNOS security concept. The KHT's National Socialist sentiment is unmistakable and it makes no secret of it. It can be described as the "armed arm" of the PNOS. Fora long time it has been part of the right-wing extremist network “Blood & Honor” (banned in Germany since 2000) and maintains good cooperation with armed groups in the network (e.g. Combat 18) that operate nationally and internationally. 

The connections between the PNOS and such militants, organized National Socialist groups through happenings stand out again and again: at major events with several thousand right-wing extremists, international martial arts events, tattoo shops, online music distribution, armed survival training, attacks with seriously injured people. But also in smaller public contexts there are regular appearances with collective expression - to display Nazi symbols, Hitler salutes, slogans, etc.

The number of right-wing extremist parties such as the PNOS and the NA (National Action),armed subgroups and their events, which also called for the demonstration onNovember 24, 2018, are getting more every year. In this context, the Swissconnections to the NSU affair in Germany should be emphasized. These right-wing extremists are highly organized, their financial resources are remarkable, and their solidarity with one another is strong.

The above facts clearly show why the fight against right-wing extremism needs clear support.It is legitimate and necessary!

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